Our services


A high-quality career, and industry driven pathway where once can polish and utilize their skills.

Project Management

Be an all-rounder, a leader, and see through your projects from initiation to execution!

Wraparound Services

We allow you to expand the traditional approach and think out of the box when to tackle problems.


We are vigilant with the need of meeting certain standards and therefore have met these policies.


We recognize the human needs of our members and actively try to extend a helping hand.

In person training

We believe in one-on-one training so the learners can best grasp the concepts taught.

Online training

To learners who can’t join us in-person have the golden chance to join us online to continue training.

What Makes I.C.C.S Academy Different

The desire of the founding partners of I.C.C.S Academy is to “Impact a million lives”. Mere words without the vision to formulate a plan that includes all Americans in the prosperous activities of this great nation. To include all Americans, the realization that every individual has unique strengths and weaknesses that must also account for the barriers experienced by specific groups in our society. Accounting for these barriers goes beyond simple acknowledgement. It is the assessment and mitigation of the identified barriers as related to younger learners and adult learner’s. A consistent systematic monitoring of student progress, coupled with a continued emphasis on building independence, a competent knowledge base, and exposure to career opportunities makes I.C.C.S Academy’s registered apprenticeship for skilled construction workers a movement rather than an organization.

We offer a range of services to help you become successful on your journey into the construction industry. I.C.C.S. provides contractors with a customizable training program, consisting of options that specialize in a multitude of construction areas. This program upskills employees through the areas of Construction Ready Training, Department of Labor-Certified Apprenticeships, Department Of Labor-Approved On-Job-Training, and Department Of Labor-Certified Bilingual instruction. I.C.C.S Academy is here to make sure you are on the right path. We intentionally recruit trainees who classify as disenfranchised, in order to help you meet all of your diversity, equity, inclusion, and access needs.